Shelby Herman

Book Author

About Shelby

I have been asked how I came to create all of this and where did I get my inspiration, so I decided one day to write my "story." I didn't want it to sound like a sad country song (I love country music) or some self-serving saga about my lessons, so I thought I would write it as a fun story about a girl....and then I thought, maybe I should make it rhyme. So -HERE'S MY STORY

Shelby Herman created the ME TREEs to empower and inspire children to discover their unique qualities about themselves and to find their own treasure. The ME TREE's are being used in classrooms to teach mindfulness and awareness. She expanded on that vision telling the story of "Shimmer the Glowworm" soon after, she wrote the theme song "Show Your Glow," to provide a message that touches the heart.